Find your passion and follow it…

I tell my students every year that my job is to help them discover what they’re passionate about, develop that passion, and apply it to their learning moving forward. I have felt like the biggest hypocrite these past years. It was a “do as I say, not as I do…” sort of situation. I discovered a while ago that I am passionate about helping educators give their students endless opportunities to learn in the way they learn best. I have had small glimpses of doing this, but they were independent of each other and then I’d go back to my 5th grade team and students. As of last week, I am now following my passion. I accepted the position to be the Innovation & Learning Coach at Kellybrook Elementary and Shoal Creek Elementary. I can now practice what I’ve been preaching!

My mind hasn’t stopped racing of things I’d like to do to help student learning. That is the end goal…don’t forget. Student learning! One of my goals for the year is to make sure that whatever I do with teachers, students, or even when I’m outside of the building visiting other classes or in meetings, I need to make sure that it is for student learning. I can have an endless amount of great ideas, but if it turns into “my ideas” then I’m not doing my job well.

A friend spoke with me this morning about how humbling becoming a coach was. She said she was used to getting praise for all of the great things she was doing with her students in her classroom, but then it wasn’t there as a coach. At first she struggled with that, but then realized that coaching wasn’t about her…it was about students and their learning. It sounds simple, but just like everyone else, I am human. Recognition is nice. However, humility is an incredibly important trait of being a coach, and that is my desire. Thank you for the words of encouragement and the reminder!

Leaving Lewis & Clark is nearly impossible. The staff, the students, the families, the culture…it’s the total package. It is a dream job for any teacher. People keep asking me why I’d give that up…a job that so many teachers desire.

I’m showing my students how important it is to find a passion and follow it!

Here’s to changes and jumping into the deep end feet first!